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School Selection and Advice

We visit schools, we talk to students, parents, other guardians and we communicate with school staff and management every single day. We see how students are treated and looked after and how much progress they make socially and academically. Our knowledge and experience puts us in the ideal position to offer you advice, guidance and assistance when choosing a school.

You can expect as much care, attention and assistance as you need. You can expect prompt, honest and professional advice. Every student is different, and so is every school, college and study centre. They all have beautiful brochures and expensive websites but there are many different considerations that must be taken into account when choosing the most suitable school for a child. There is no one school that suits every student but there is a school that will suit every student.

We learn about the schools by physically knowing them inside and out and by being constantly aware of their level of pastoral care, school and boarding house facilities, levels of staff commitment and turnover and particular management priorities. Most importantly, we personally know students who are or have been studying in any particular school. It is our real life, day to day experiences of what a school can offer that gives us the constantly updated expertise that will help us to help you make the best choice for your child.

If you need any information about how we can help you, please contact us.