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Student Guardianship

Most schools require children from overseas to have an educational guardian resident in the UK who will accept responsibility and provide transport and accommodation during half-terms, exeats and school holidays and any other time that accommodation is required.

Overseas parents need somebody that they can trust to take on such responsibilities properly, finding a suitable host family, administering health, financial, visa and travel arrangements for their child and supervising their academic progress. We know exactly how to help professionally, honestly, independently and promptly.

  • Who will meet, greet and transport my child to and from the airport?
  • Where will my child stay during school holidays?
  • Who do we contact in case of emergency?
  • How can we organise pocket money, cash advances, cover other expenses?
  • What clothes, bedding and other items should my child bring?
  • What happens if my child is ill or injured?
  • How can my child open a UK bank account?
  • How do we communicate with our child when he/ she is in the UK?

Prestige Guardians offer a complete guardianship and academic mentoring service. Please contact us anytime and we are always here and happy and able to help with all of the above and much more.

If you need any information about how we can help you, please contact us.